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Original paintings on Dorset Oak

Oils on Dorset Oak

Fifty years a painter of landscape and non-figurative ideas exhibited by innumerable galleries mainly in and around London. The Paris Salon, Royal Academy and Royal Institute of Oil Painters have all exhibited examples of my work.

Trained in the studio of a professional landscape painter of the Norwich School who was himself the product of Slade training before the First World War, I became heir to techniques and attitudes directly traceable to Constable. It was at the great 1991 Tate exhibition that this became directly apparent to me. By an odd co-incidence I have painted another Stour valley these forty years so far.

Locations that feature strongly in my work are Epping Forest and the Roding Valley in Essex and the Dorset Stour and its mills between Hinton-St Mary and Shillingstone.

Clive Edwards Landscape Paintings

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After The Storm

December brought gales a heavy rain which continued unabated for a month. Eventually the storm subsided into quiet days in January. Returning from a walk on Turnworth Down, my wife and elder son said they thought they had found a painting.

I went to see the oak and began work at once. The remainder of January, February and March entire, and on into April I worked without let-up for up to six days a week. When weather permitted outdoor work I worked in watercolour on site (primary paintings) or drawings. When inclement, I worked in the studio from the primary material. Finally, after about eleven weeks, I put down the brushes.

Is it finished? A painting is never finished; the painter merely stops at the point when he knows that he, personally, cannot improve it further at that stage in his development.

This was the only painting I produced that year.

After the Storm

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Morning Mist
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